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Friday, October 14, 2011

PALS training on October 13-14

I attended the PALS training in British Columbia from October 13 to 14.  PALS stands for Parents as Literacy Supporters. Fiona Morrison is a fantastic facilitator. The different modules of the training and the actual pilot program session were hosted in different places in the community; thus demonstrating a fantastic  Team in Action and plus showcase their 'working style' in a rhythm. I attended the PALS general training session at the daycare and early childhood development centre. The aPALS (aboriginal cultural component) at the Aborignal Headstart program delivery centre. The iPALS (immigrant component) pilot program delivery organized by the college for the Vietnamese community at the library. I liked the dual language learning approach. I also found creating literacy artifacts a very interesting process and finally the take home books and literacy kits by families.

I observed that the literacy sector is so active in promoting reading and encouraging people to visit the libraries. Also, explaining the library procedures such as fines, how to get a library cards and actually taking groups of people for libray tours.

Each of these organizations were kind enough to give me a tour of their facilities, share their projects plus programs, and challenges. I enjoyed listening to their success stories. I liked the 'Safe Program' in place. I was amazed at the BC Immigration Integration team and their support towards promoting family and adult literacy. Thank you Brisitsh Columbia Literacy Team for welcoming me and for being a perfect host.