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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week of April 8-15, I supervised 8 exams. We charge a fee of $15 to supervise a exam.

8-Apr 5-8 pm  x Bow Valley, Pharmacy Tec1 certification
11-Apr 8-11 am  x Bow Valley, Pharmacy Tec2
11-Apr 10-1 pm x  Athabasca, Business
12-Apr 2-5 pm  x Alberta Distance Learning, Science
12-Apr 2-5 pm  x Alberta Distance Learning, Spanish
14-Apr 12-2 pm x  Canadian Payroll Association, Payroll
14-Apr 2-4 pm x  Alberta Distance Learning, German
15-Apr 10-11:30 am x  Athabasca, Information Technology

Coordinated for the April 11 Alberta Employment and immigrations employer support cultural communications workshops -

April 5, Say Yes to Community Inclusion for recreation and activity people  (Next activities: 2 more workshops 1. for Seniors and 2. For teachers to create more physical activities for special needs)

Worked in partnership for the Diversity Friendly Communities proposal.

Currently working on the Alberta Arts Days proposal in partnership with artists, performers and writers; plus lots of other people.

Attended the Plan of Service focus groups; here are some observations.

·      A safe comfortable place
·      Welcome to Canada
·      Provide support to school students
·      Know your community
Please click on the following page to view my report to the library board.

Compiled the annual report to be submitted to the Public Library Services branch to get our annual operating grant. Board approval requested for April 26.

April 18: Send the Arts Day application
April 19: I am doing a Library road show, cultural energy activity, Spring Celebration presentation with Chai demo at Sunrise from 2-3 p.m.

Months of May-June: The three projects planned with schools:

·      Create Comics/Graphic novel promotion
·      Word houses and exchange with bird feeders to celebrate International Bird Migratory day
·      Book Exchange, Read Aloud and Reading Party day

May 2: (298 hours) workplace student from the Aboriginal Community Support Worker program to work on indigenous library service project
May 3: Attended with Rachelle, GAIN Casino workshop in Edmonton
May 4: Cultural Market Day in Falun
May 8: Mothers day celebration at Horizons centre
May 9: Co-ordinate intercultural communication workshop at literacy office.
May 10: FSCD Pilot project partner briefing
May 12: Presentation at Hotsprings BC and meet Photovoice project manager
May 18: Wetaskiwin Allied Arts meeting
May 30: Co-ordinate intercultural communication workshop at literacy office.
June 17: Library booth at Samsung Pow Wow
June 21: Library booth at National Aboriginal Day Celebration
September 23: Workplace Essential Skills Celebration in partnership with Literacy and Alberta Employment & Immigration.